Official DigiByte Roadmap Released

by Lorik Krasniqi

DigiByte 2017 - 2035 Roadmap

By Jared Tate DigiByte Founder

Core Areas of Focus


Security will remain our #1 area of focus well into the future. By security we mean the absolute integrity of the DigiByte blockchain, transactions and real world applications such as Digi-ID, Digi-2FA and more. We will continue demonstrating to the broader global business community the cyber security benefits the DigiByte blockchain offers to their existing businesses.


Without the global DigiByte community DGB would not be able to survive. It is absolutely essential to continue growing the DigiByte community through projects such as GitHub, Digis4commits and platforms such as DigiByte Gaming, DigiByte Hub and more.


DigiByte will always remain a completely public, decentralized and open source project. This allows for the greatest transparency and long-term viability for any global project. This provides companies, countries and developers with a stable blockchain to use as a base layer for their applications, side chains and more.


DigiByte Projects Underway


It is our pleasure to introduce Digi4Commits to the DigiByte community. In an effort to further DigiByte and take our blockchain technology to the next level we realize this cannot be accomplish by any one person alone. DigiByte is surrounded by an amazing group of people who are willing to help DigiByte grow to the next level. Digis4commits provides central hub for the community to organize and crowd fund projects. Check it out here:

DigiByte Foundation

We would like to set up a community foundation in 2017. As DigiByte grows it has become apparent we can use a foundation with set roles and responsibilities to help promote the global use of DigiByte. We would like to start an active discussion on the best possible location to set the foundation up. Some suggestions have been the US, Switzerland, The Netherlands and other countries. We happily invite the community to post your suggestions on the best way to do this and for someone to step forward to help make it happen.


Trade Applications

Real-estate Applications

Insurance Applications

IOT Applications

Security Applications


Digi-ID is an identity system for securing and logging into websites we have been testing in a variety of ways for the past few months. The idea is simple, if you have a DigiByte wallet it should be able to be used to manage logins and other services on a variety of web applications in a decentralized manner.


Digi-2FA is a part of Digi-ID that allows a user to login to a website simply using their DigiByte address and private keys. A manual version of this is already live on the DigiByte Gaming website and can be used with the core wallet. A more advanced and streamlined version of this is currently under development for the DigiByte Gaming Wallet.

DigiByte Gaming

DigiByte Gaming has now reached over 40,000 League of Legends and CS:GO gamers. This has brought a whole new generation of people into the world of cryptocurrencies. Throughout 2017 we plan on putting on several more events and promotions as well as updating the DigiByte Gaming wallet with new features for gamers. We would like for DigiByte to become the go to cryptocurrency for millennial gamers. We invite to the community to give us any suggestions or feedback on this projects. We are actively seeking developers to work on gaming projects as well.


DigiHash is has been the default developers pool for a couple years now. We are looking for developers to help update DigiHash with integration into a new easy miner for gamers.


Throughout 2017 we would like to expand the blockchain analytics and information available through DigiExplorer. This includes more specific details on each algorithm as well as metrics to help improve future releases of the DigiByte protocol. If you are a developer who would like to help with these improvements let us know or create a project on Digis4Commits.

DigiByte Gaming Wallet

The DigiByte Gaming wallet has become the easiest wallet for a new DGB user to use. We have been working on several new features to the wallet including Digi-ID. Digi-ID allows a user to log in to websites such as DigiByte Gaming and in the future DiguSign. Think of this as blockchain 2fa.


DigiStats is a community driven project led by Esotercizm and Alaniz to provide several advanced statistics on the DigiByte network. This project also includes a live node map of the global DigiByte network. To contribute to this project check out the Digis4Commits page for Digistats.


Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft has been very generous to DigiByte in 2016 with the addition of DigiByte templates to Azure as well as nominating DigiByte Holdings of Hong Kong to their Biz Spark Plus program. This includes $120,000 USD of Azure credits. If you have an idea for an innovative DigiByte platform let us know and we can help get you some server space.

Trade Partnerships

DGB Holdings of Hong Kong has partnered with several trade companies to begin rolling out the DiguSign platform for beta testing through Q1 & Q2 of 2017. More information will become available as the year continues.

Future Partnerships

Throughout 2017 we will be actively seeking corporate partnerships to increase the use of the DigiByte blockchain. If you have any suggestions or know any interested parties please get in touch with us. Please also note we would like to actively encourage the creation of other companies that are built on top of creating applications on top of the DigiByte blockchain. We would like to see a DigiByte consortium of companies form by the end of 2017 beginning of 2018.

Core Protocol Improvements & Thoughts

4.1.3 Core Release

The next major release of DigiByte will be version 4.1.3. This version will bring DigiByte on to par with the latest version of Bitcoin core 0.13. This release will include several speed and scalability improvements as well as other security improvements that will allow DigiByte to be a faster more secure blockchain.

Note: We had originally anticipated a beta release by the third anniversary but do to complications with our multi-algo implementation we were not able to get a fully stable version developed. We would like to invite the community to participate in the 4.1.3 development and release over the next few months. We also have recently put the majority of our core development resources into the new DiguSign platform and are actively looking for other developers to assist with 4.1.3 testing.

Potential Algo Swap

We would like to begin a community discussion on a potential future algo swap of 1 of the 5 or more DigiByte algorithms. We feel this decision should be based on hard data to support greater decentralized mining. We would love to get feedback from the community on some of the options that exist for this future swap. We also would like to get some more solid statistics built into DigiExplorer on each mining algo throughout 2017. If anyone has some suggestions here please reach out or post on the DigiExplorer Github repo.

Side-Chains, Sub-Chains & More

As the DigiByte blockchain grows in global user adoption the need will probably arise for “private” chains to be anchored into the public DigiByte chain for advanced scalability. There are several possible blueprints for how to do this. We also like the concept of a “sub” chain that allows for lower priority transactions such as documents and other administrative transactions. We will be hosting a future Digi Roundtable on this discussion.

SegWit Adoption

We are exploring the possibilities of integrating SegWit into the DigiByte blockchain for enhanced scalability. However we are not yet convinced this is the appropriate path for DigiByte to take for long term scalability to remain a truly secure, decentralized blockchain. We welcome the communities’ input and suggestions on this issue.

“Smart Contracts”

The blockchain buzzword of 2016 was by far the word “smart contract.”

However it became quickly apparent most companies and businesses we spoke with as well as developers all seem to have different definitions as to what exactly a smart contract is. We believe with the released of core 4.1.3 and check time lock verify it will be possible to execute “rigid smart contracts” on the DigiByte blockchain. We welcome the community’s input on this issue.

Community Projects


The DigiByte Official Telegram chat has grown rapidly and has now effectively replaced the BitcoinTalk thread as the main community hub. Thanks to the hard work of Alaniz the Digibot has gone along way to help enhance the experience of the chat. Make sure to check out the Telegram chat and use the DigiBot.

Wallet updates

Android SPV Wallet

We would like to find a new maintainer for the core Android SPV Wallet. If anyone is interested in this please contact us and start a Digis4Commit project. The wallet still works but can be updated with the latest versions of bitcoinj.

iOS SPV Wallet

Regrettably Apple made the decision to remove the DigiByte iOS wallet from the iTunes store a few months back as well as the majority of all other cryptocurrency wallets. We would like to get it back on the store as soon as possible. If anyone has any suggestions on how we might be able to make this happen please let us all know. Apple refused to tell us why they removed the wallet and rejected all our appeals to keep it on the store.

Electrum Wallet

We would like to thank Protonn and Esotercizm for all the hard work getting the electrum server up again and running along with the wallet. Please reference Digis4Commits to help this project continue its development.

Mining Pools

We would like to thank all the mining pool providers who have kept their DGB pools going over the past three years. We would like to invite all other who are interested in running a DigiByte mining pool to do so. We will continue our emphasis on multi-algo, multi-device and multi-hardware mining to encourage a broader, more decentralized mining community. Our vision is to always allow your average PC gamer to be able to mine & earn DGB.

Mine That Digi

Mine That Digi is a project dedicated to bringing DigiByte to the mine craft community. Check out Digis 4 Commits to find out more about this platform.

Future Projects & Ideas For Community Collaboration

Easy Miner v2.0

We would like to get the community involved to continue the development of the DigiByte Easy Miner. By creating an easy to use multi-algo miner that your average desktop gamer can download and install we will be able to continue brining many new people into the DigiByte ecosystem while at the same time helping to further secure the DGB blockchain. We have explored numerous ideas and options and believe that the easy miner can be built on top of the Electron stack fairly easily.

Digi – AI

With the ongoing emergence of new open source artificial intelligence libraries we see a future where blockchain tech meets AI. We would like to invite the community to begin a discussion on what this might look at. Some ideas we are exploring include smart transaction routing between nodes, network automated block sizing, smart adaptive mining algorithms and more. Look for more DigiByte Roundtable discussions on this in the future.

Digi – DNS

As recently witnessed the current global DNS system is fraught with security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. We are 100% confident blockchains such as DigiByte and their related applications can be applied to create a much more secure internet experience for users across the globe. The blueprint for this and how it can be applied is found with the original Namecoin blockchain and its implementation for a blockchain based domain system.

Digi – SSL

Fundamentally a basic DGB transaction from one party to another has all the basic security requirements for establishing a secure method of encrypted communications. We believe further development of the DigiMan Browser or potential collaboration with the open source Brave browser project could allow for a more secure SSL system built on top of DigiByte that does not rely on the shortcomings of the root certificate authority system.

DigiMan Browser

The DigiMan Browser is a fork of the open source brave browser project. The purpose of the DigiMan Browser is to provide a much more secure browsing experience for users that incorporates a DigiByte Wallet, Digi-ID, Digi-2FA and additional security enhancements and privacy settings. We believe the DigiMan Browser will also allow for a new era of the Internet “attention Economy” where users are directly rewarded in DigiBytes by ad providers for looking at their advertisements, if they so chose.


The DigiByte blockchain allows for the foundation of a unique secure messaging platform to be built. This platform can be decentralized, anonymous and highly secure and resistant to censorship and attacks.

How to Active PSN Games

by Lorik Krasniqi
To install the games you can follow the list below:
  1. Open PlayStation and login with your regular user name.
  2. Go to "Power" and click on it
  3. Log Out of your User
  4. Create New User
  5. Create New User
  6. Accept the License Agreement
  7. Click "Next" to link this user to your Playstation Network
  8. Please use the details that we provided to you to Sign In
  9. Press Next
  10. Press Next
  11. Press Next
  12. Press Next
  13. Press "Do This Later"
  14. Press "Next"
  15. Press "Skip"
  16. Press ACTIVATE - very important
  17. Press Ok
  18. If you own a PlayStation Camera you will be prompted to take a photo but you may skip this step.
  19. Press "Ok" and this user is ready to work on your PlayStation
  20. Go to "Library" or, if you don't see the game in Library then you will find it in "Purchased"
  21. Inside Library you will find all your current applications and games and also the newly purchased game(s). You will notice the new games have an arrow next to them. Press on the game(s) to start the download.
  22. Press on the "Download" to initiate the download.
  23. You don't have to wait for the download(s) to finish! Once you initiated the download on your purchased game(s), go an press on "Settings".

Thats it, you can now enjoy your game!

Remember, you can switch to your primary account once u have initiated "Download".
You dont need to switch users everytime.